Plastic Waste Recycling – Processing and new applications
Plastic Waste Recycling – Processing and new applications


International VDI Conference – Plastic Waste Recycling


October 21-22, 2014


Plastics recycling is widely accepted as a milestone on the road to zero plastics in landfilling. The international VDI conference Plastic Waste Recycling – Processing and new Applications – will cover available technologies to sort, process and transform plastic waste back into recycled plastic products. Expect discussions on reducing, reusing, recycling: How do plastics behave on different levels of the waste hierarchy, upcycling/downcycling: Does it exist at all? Get insights in new business models and means of an applications of recycled plastics.


International renowned experts will discuss the following topics:


  • EU Legislation: What do we have to expect from Brussels?
    Waste Framework Directive/Waste Hierarchy
    European Packaging Directive
    EU Vision of plastic waste treatment method
  • Overview on Plastics waste management in Europe – Chances and Challenges
    Plastics waste streams from commercial and municipal collection
    Plastic waste management: Treatment, recycling and recovery
    Waste streams in Germany and Europe
  • Ways to increase the plastics recycling targets in Europe
    Requirements for the collection and treatment of plastic waste flows
    Requirements for plastic sorters and exporters of tomorrow
    Contribution of plastic converters and OEMs
  • Eco-efficiency of plastic waste recycling
    Crude oil consumption for plastics production compared to other sectors (heating, mobility, electricity)
    GHG assessment of EoL plastics from the packaging sector
    Comparison of GHG savings of EoL plastics and other recyclables (metals, glass, paper)
    Comparison of costs and GHG savings of energetic utilized vs. recycled plastics
    Final comparison of eco-efficiency of thermal treatment and recycling of EoL plastics
  • New challenges?!: How to deal with bioplastics
    Regulations end of life plastics
    Market potential bioplastics
    Biodegradable plastics in waste streams
  • Processing of plastic waste:  Transforming plastic waste into valuable material resources
    RecyClass – A design-for-recycling tool supporting plastic packaging designers
  • Case studies: From mixed municipal post-consumer waste to high quality tailor made plastics products
    Innovative mechanical up cycling technology that enables plastic waste second life
    Unique closed-loop method – Turning impure, mixed municipal plastic waste into high-quality re-compounds
    State of the art sorting technology, mechanical reprocessing methods and special chemical treatment processes
    An economically sound option for supplying high-quality plastic raw material
  • Improve material properties
    Material degradation and resulting properties
    Upgrading of material properties
    Processing and compounding


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