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Prof. Dr. sc. agr. Stefan Gäth

NameProf. Dr. sc. agr. Stefan Gäth
InstitutionJLU Gießen


Institute for Landscape Ecology and Resource Management
Phone+49 172 6715489

Academic and professional background

1984: Studies (agricultural sciences, specializing in plant production in Göttingen)
1987: Dissertation at the Institute of Soil Science at the University of Göttingen
1987-1988: Research assistant at the Institute of Ecology - AG Soil Science at the TU Berlin
1994: Habilitation at the Department of Agricultural Sciences and Environmental Protection at Justus Liebig University Giessen for the subjects “Soil Science and Land Culture”
Since 1995: Professor at the Institute for Landscape Ecology and Resource Management at the University of Giessen for the subject of waste and resource management


Fields of work / areas of responsibility

  • Substance analysis, substance modeling, substance evaluation
  • Landfill and contaminated sites: assessment, safeguarding and remediation
  • Management systems in waste management
  • Material flow management
  • Microalgae for the production of renewable biomass

Complete curriculum vitae