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Circular Valley

In our "linear" economy, resources are extracted from the environment, processed into products and services and later disposed of as emissions in the soil, air and water - over 100 billion tons in 2020 and rising.

Circular Valley is a globally unique hotspot for establishing a future-oriented circular economy. Circular Valley brings together international start-ups, companies, science and politics. They work together across industries and technologies to close material cycles along existing value chains, develop policy recommendations and inform the public about the circular economy in the long term.

Circular Valley in the extended Rhine-Ruhr region is developing into the global center of the circular economy. Germany's largest metropolitan region offers five globally unique locational advantages:

  • It is home to an extremely high density of global market leaders from all sectors and stages of the value chain with a need for circular solutions.
  • The region is the center of European players in the circular economy.
  • The number of universities and scientific institutions with a focus on materials and production issues is unique in the world
  • The cosmopolitan region attracts talent from all over the world.
  • The Circular Valley was already the scene of the first and second industrial revolutions on the European mainland in the 18th and 19th centuries. This makes it the ideal location for the next industrial revolution - the transition to a circular economy.

The non-profit Circular Valley Foundation is the sponsor of the Circular Economy Accelerator. The state of NRW and the EU provide financial support for the work of the Circular Economy Accelerator. In addition, various sponsors support the Accelerator as sponsors.

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