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Prof. Dr.-mont. Michael Nelles

NameProf. Dr.-mont. Michael Nelles
InstitutionUniversity of Rostock

Prof. Nelles has held the Chair of Waste and Material Flow Management at the Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences at the University of Rostock since 2006 and has been Scientific Director of the German Biomass Research Center in Leipzig since 2012.

Previously, he was a professor and head of the Department of Technical Environmental Protection at the HAWK in Göttingen.

Prof. Nelles has been working on practice-oriented scientific waste management projects for more than 20 years, particularly in the field of recycling organic waste and agricultural residues.

The international focus regions of the Chair of Waste and Material Flow Management are the Baltic Sea region, the People's Republic of China, the Arab world and South America.

With his many years of national and international experience in the waste management industry, Prof. Michael Nelles will actively support the DGAW and enliven the northern region by organizing DGAW events.